Q1. Are my payment details secure and confidential?

Your payment details remain confidential. We take certain details on payments of tickets only to enable a secure transaction via your banking institution. We have employed the very latest security and encryption technology to protect you and your credit card.

Q2. Do Half-Price Tuesdays Still Apply?

Yes! Half-price Tuesdays are Exclusive to SK CLUB Members at Ster-Kinekor Theatres. Enjoy more movies more often. Remember to swipe your SK CLUB card in order to benefit every Tuesday. You earn points on all your movie ticket purchases on all days except Tuesdays.

Q3. What are TicketLine's (Call Centre) operating hours?

Mon - Sat 8am-9PM

Sun - 8am-9pm

Q4. Can I Use My Points Earned At Any Cinema Within Any Ster-Kinekor Or Cinema Nouveau That I Choose?

You can use your points at any cinema all long as you have enough points to redeem for a free ticket You need 1 000 points for a 2D or 3D movie, 1 200 points for Imax and 1 500 points for a CinemaPrestige movie. This does not include 3D Glasses.

Q5. Where can I access a schedule to see what's on?

There are various ways to do this:

  • Your newspaper directory
  • Via your cell phone on our mobi site
  • Call TicketLine on 0861 movies (668437)
  • On our award winning App, available for Android or iOS user

Q6. Can I still book through TicketLine?

Yes. You need a credit card to book through TicketLine. Call 0861 movies (668437)

Q7. Why can't I call the cinema directly to book for a specific seat?

The cinemas don't have a switchboard to accept inbound calls as they deal with customers face to face.

Q8. If a movie is age restricted, will kids be allowed to watch the movie with my permission?

No. The age restriction placed on movies will be strictly enforced. The age restrictions are set by the Film & Publications Board (FPB). Ster-Kinekor is obligated by law to adhere to these age restrictions.

Q9. How long will a particular movie play at a certain cinema?

It depends on the popularity of that movie. Since we release movies every Friday, the least popular movies will be replaced with the new release.

Q10. Why do only certain movies release at only specific cinemas?

Before a particular movie is released, we have an extensive screening process which decides, based on current trends, which movies would be best suited for which cinemas.

Q11. What do the age restriction indicators stand for?

S ‐ Sex

L ‐ Language

N ‐ Nudity

V ‐ Violence

P ‐ Prejudice

M ‐ Mature Accompaniment

D ‐ Drug use

PG ‐ Parental Guidance

TBA ‐ To Be Announced

Q12. What Is Cinema Nouveau?

As a sub-division of Ster-Kinekor Theatres, Ster-Kinekor Cinema Nouveau operates 34 screens, 15 digital cinema houses and has almost 3580 seats in 5 sites, spreading over Joburg, Cape Town and Durban.

Cinema Nouveau holds the prestige of being one of the world's only dedicated 'art cinema' chains, screening 'art' titles from cultures all over the world.

It is a differentiated cinema experience and a destination for the discerning film lover, whose passion is the beauty and artistry of the art of film.

Q13. How do I get moviemail?

You don't have to be a SK CLUB, or even a Ster-Kinekor customer to get moviemail, just log on and subscribe.

Q14. Why do I have to pay a booking fee on the web?

In order to improve our website and to offer new and exciting content and functionality, it has become necessary to charge a booking fee. Please note the booking fee was introduced following extensive research and has been kept to a minimum. This fee is lower than a bank charge and other web booking fees on other sites.

Q15. How do I get the Edgars Club Ster-Kinekor Movie benefit?

  • Edgars Club is open to all Edcon account holders
  • Edgars Club has 3 options: Club Classic, Club Life and Club VIP
  • The Ster-Kinekor movie benefit is part of the Life and VIP Clubs
  • Club membership is R45.00 per month for Club VIP, R32.00 per month for Club Life and
  • R26.00 per Month for Club Classic
  • To subscribe to the movie benefit a once-off registration fee of R30 applies

Q16. Why do I have to present my Discovery Vitality movie benefit card when I go to the movies?

The Discovery Vitality movie benefit is exclusive to the individual member and in order to ensure that you are the member who is enjoying your benefit it is essential that we check your benefit card before you enter the cinema.

Q17. Do I get the kids' discount if I purchase children's tickets online?

Yes, you can get the kids' discount online, through Ticketline, and at the cinema as well.

Q18. How do I collect my tickets that I booked online or with Ticketline?

You can collect your tickets using your booking ID that you receive after booking your Tickets or alternately you can swipe your credit card at the Self-Service Terminal at the Cinema.

Q19. Can I book tickets with Ticketline or online without a credit card?

Seats can only be reserved with payment. The only way to book tickets if you do not have a credit card is to pre-book them at the cinema, using a debit card or cash.

Q20. How Do I Join Ster-Kinekor's Club?

You can join the SK Movie Club at your nearest Ster-Kinekor cinema. This is free. A validation email will be sent to you after you have joined, on which you can confirm/update your details. If you follow the link and complete all three steps you will receive 200 bonus points.

For every movie you watch, you earn 100 points and double points on Thursdays. When you have accumulated 1 000 points you qualify for a free 2D movie ticket.

On Tuesdays Movie Club members pay half price for their movies, therefore you will not earn points.

Points are also earned on refreshments when you purchase a double-take, sharing or promotional combo any day of the week.

Q21. How Do I Make An Online Booking If The Website Does Not Allow Me To Register?

You don't have to register to make a booking. Simply choose your movie and cinema, ignore the "Sign in" part, choose the time and number of seats. The website gives you ticket type options for which to book. There is a grey space next to the number of tickets. Add the loyalty card number, then click on "add", and if you choose more seats and have another card number, please add that now, in the same space as before. Only one card number at a time can be inserted. Next, choose your seats on the cinema seating plan. After that you insert your name, email and contact details, read the Terms and Conditions before you add your credit card details to complete the booking.

Q22. How do I update my SK Club details?

Call TicketLine on 0861 movies (668437) to change your email address or phone number.

SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 benefit


Q23. What is the SK Club STD Bank 4FOR3 ticket?

The SK Club 4FOR3 benefit is an exclusive discount on the purchase of 4 tickets for SK Club members who also have a Standard Bank Gold or higher Credit Card and who have activated the benefit on against their SK Club membership.

Q24. Does the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 benefit have a once-off registration fee or membership fee?

No, there is no additional cost involved.

Q25. How do I sign up for, or activate the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 benefit?

You have to be an SK Club member and you should have a Standard Bank Gold or higher Credit Card. If you are not yet an SK Club member:

a. Go to

a. Sign up to SK Club and ensure that you capture your ID number – ensure that this number is correct and corresponds with the ID number Standard Bank has on file for you.

b. Under Partnership Programmes, select Standard Bank Card.

If you are an SK Club member:

b. Login to your SK Club profile on

c. Capture your ID number – ensure that this number is correct and corresponds with the ID number Standard Bank has on file for you.

d. Under Partnership Programmes, select Standard Bank Card.

e. Save your changes

Q26. What if I'm a foreign national who does not have a South African ID number?

If you don't have a South African ID number you can capture your passport number. If Standard Bank has this detail on file, the benefit will be enabled.

Q27. Is my confidential information, such as my ID number, email address and password secure when captured on

Yes, your information is secure. We have implemented privacy and security controls for the purpose of protecting the personal information we collect and to provide for the use thereof within our organisation.

Q28. How soon after I've activated the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 benefit can I purchase a 4FOR3 movie ticket?

You can purchase the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 ticket immediately after activating the benefit online.

However, if you've just signed up to SK Club you have to:

a. Click on the link in the Activation Emailer sent to you

b. Collect your SK Club card at cinema

c. Link your SK Club Card to your membership

Q29. I've previously activated the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 benefit but now I get an error when I capture my SK Club card and try to add it?

If the benefit is no longer available it means that Standard Bank has notified us that you are not eligible for the benefit. Please call Standard Bank Card to confirm that your ID number on SK Club and at Standard Bank is the same. Alternatively, confirm with them that your card does qualify for the benefit.

Q30. I need to update my ID number on my SK Club profile, how do I do this?

Login to your SK Club profile on

Capture your ID number - ensure that this number is correct and corresponds with the ID number Standard Bank has on file for you.

Q31. I previously joined SK Club but I no longer have access to that email account. How do I sign in and change it?

Call the Ster-Kinekor TicketLine using 0861 movies (668437) and our call centre agent will gladly assist by deleting your old email account and adding your current and valid email address.

Q32. Can I join or activate the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 benefit at my nearest cinema?

No, you can only activate the benefit on the Ster-Kinekor website at

Q33. Why is this benefit only available to Standard Bank Gold or higher Credit Cards and not Standard Bank Debit Cards?

Ster-Kinekor has entered into a partnership with Standard Bank, who is offering this benefit only to their Standard Bank Gold or higher Credit Cardholders.

Q34. How do I access/buy the SK Club Standard Bank Credit Card 4FOR3 Movie tickets?

You need to be both an SK Club member with an active membership card, and a Standard Bank Gold or higher Credit cardholder. You also need to have activated the Standard Bank Card benefit on (See Question 3). You are also required to pay for the transaction with your Standard Bank Credit Card.

When you book at cinema, you need to have your SK Club Card present during the booking process of your movie tickets. This will validate that you are entitled to the ticket type and ensure that you earn your SK Club points.

On, ensure that you are logged in OR make sure you have your SK Club card with you and enter it into the LOYALTY CARD field when buying the tickets.

Q35. How many SK Club Standard Bank Credit Card 4FOR3 Movie tickets am I entitled to in a single transaction?

You are only entitled to buy one 4FOR3 movie tickets per booking/ movie per SK Club card.

Q36. Do I get the Kids' Discount if I purchase four kids' movie tickets with my Standard Bank Gold Credit Card?

No, the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 Benefit does not apply to kids' movie ticket purchases.

Q37. How many times can I utilize the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 Benefit?

You can use the SK Club Standard Bank 4FOR3 Benefit only once per movie session, and only every 90 minutes.

Q38. As a Standard Bank Gold Credit Card holder, do I also have to sign up for SK Club?

Yes, you must be an SK Club Member to enjoy this benefit.

Q39. Can I book 4 (four) different movie tickets with this benefit?

No, you must book and watch the same movie with all 4 tickets.

Q40. Do I earn any SK Club points when I buy the 4FOR3 movie tickets?

Yes, as an SK Club member you will earn points on 4FOR3 movie tickets, but this applies to one SK Club member per transaction, i.e. 100 points for 2D or 3D movies, and 200 points for a Cine Prestige movie ticket.

Q41. Do Half-Price Tuesdays qualify for the 4FOR3 benefit?

No, Half-price Tuesdays do not qualify for the 4FOR3 benefit, however you can forfeit the Half-Price Tuesday price and still buy a 4FOR3 ticket on a Tuesday.

Q42. Can I still book 4FOR3 tickets through TicketLine?

Yes. You simply need your SK Club card and pay with your Standard Bank Gold Credit Card to book through TicketLine. Call 0861 movies (668437).

Q43. Is the Ticket Refundable/ Reversible if cancelled?

Yes, normal ticket refund rules apply.

Q44. Does the SK Club STD Bank 4For3 Movie Benefit cater for all movie experience i.e. 2D, 3D, IMAX, D-Box, Cine Prestige and Nouveau?

No, the SK Club STD Bank 4For3 movie benefit is only available on 2D, 3D, Cine Prestige and Nouveau. It is not available for IMAX and D-Box ticket purchases.

Q45. Can I use or redeem my earnt SK points to get the 4FOR3 ticket?

No, this benefit is only payable using a bank card or cash in cinema and not SK points.

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