IMAX Space and Nature series

Hubble 3D

Directed by Toni Myers - Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio

Through the power of IMAX 3D, Hubble 3D will enable movie-goers to journey through distant galaxies to explore the grandeur and mysteries of our celestial surroundings, and accompany space-walking astronauts as they attempt the most difficult and important tasks in NASA's history. The film will offer an inspiring and unique look into the Hubble Space Telescope's legacy and highlight its profound impact on the way we view the universe and ourselves. Narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, Hubble 3D reunites the Space Station 3D filmmaking team, led by Producer/Director Toni Myers.

"It's a movie that not only puts you in space, but lets you travel through it with speed and wonder."Glenn Whipp - Los Angeles Times

Space Station 3D

Directed by Toni Myers (Deep Sea) - Narrated by Tom Cruise

SPACE STATION is the first cinematic journey to the International Space Station (ISS) - where audiences can experience for themselves life in zero gravity aboard the new station. Transported by the magic of IMAX technology, the audience blasts off into space with the astronauts at cosmonauts from Florida's Kennedy Space Center and Russia's Baikonur Cosmodrom to rendezvous with their new home in orbit 220 miles above Earth. The ISS is a technical marvel, unparalleled in scope and challenge and represents a truly international effort to create a permanent research favility in space.

"A spectacular look into the lives or astronauts aboard the ISS and the clearest images yet of man's venture into space."The Daily Telegraph - Sydney

Island of Lemurs: Madagascar

Directed by David Lickley - Narrated by Morgan Freeman

Back for a second time, Academy-Award winner Morgan Freeman, narrates the IMAX 3D documentary "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar," the incredible true story of nature's greatest explorers—lemurs. Captured with IMAX 3D cameras, the film takes audiences on a spectacular journey to the remote and wondrous world of Madagascar, where lemurs arrived millions of years ago as castaways. They have since evolved into hundreds of diverse species, but are now highly endangered. "Island of Lemurs: Madagascar" highlights the tireless efforts of trailblazing scientist Dr. Patricia C. Wright and her lifelong mission to help these strange and adorable creatures survive in the modern world.

"The film is an equally fun and sobering look at the lives of these animals, along with the evolving efforts to try and save this distant cousin of humans."Raju Mudhar - Toronto Star

Journey to the South Pacific

Directed by MacGillivray Freeman - Narrated by Cate Blanchett

Narrated by Cate Blanchett, Journey to the South Pacific will take moviegoers on a breathtaking IMAX 3D adventure to the lush tropical islands of remote West Papua, where life flourishes above and below the sea. Join Jawi, a young island boy, as he takes us on a journey of discovery to this magical place where we encounter whale sharks, sea turtles, manta rays, and other iconic creatures of the sea. Home to more than 2,000 species of sea life, this exotic locale features the most diverse marine ecosystem on earth. An uplifting story of hope and celebration, Journey to the South Pacific highlights the importance of living in balance with the ocean planet we all call home.

"An intoxicating IMAX 3D excursion beneath the pristine waters of the West Papuan archipelago."Michael Rechtshaffen—The Hollywood Reporter

Born to be Wild 3D

Directed by David Lickley - Narrated by Morgan Freeman

Narrated by Academy-Award winner Morgan Freeman, Born to be Wild 3D is an inspiring story of love, dedication and the remarkable bond between humans and animals. This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them - saving endangered species one life at a time. Stunningly captured in IMAX 3D, Born to be Wild 3D is a heartwarming adventure transport-ing moviegoers into the lush rainforests of Borneo with world-renowned primatologist Dr. Biruté Mary Galdikas, and across the rugged Kenyan savannah with celebrated elephant authority Dame Daphne M. Sheldrick, as they and their teams rescue, rehabilitate, and return these incredible animals back to the wild.

"Born to Be Wild' is an inspiring and beautiful look at the work being done with orphaned animals and the positive change two determined people can have in the world."Jeffrey L. Sparks - President & CEO of Heartland Truly Moving Pictures

Under the Sea 3d

Directed by Howard Hall - Narrated by Jim Carrey

Award-winning documentary filmmaker Howard Hall and the production team behind IMAX film favorites "Deep Sea 3D" and Into the Deep 3D" return for a dynamic new underwater adventure, "Under the Sea 3D." Filmed entirely with IMAX 3D cameras for a vivid, immersive viewing experience unlike any other, this new film will transport audiences to some of the most exotic and isolated undersea locations on Earth, including Southern Australia and the Great Barrier Reef, as well as Papua New Guinea and Indonesia in the fame Coral Triangle, for face-to-face encounters with some of the most mysterious and stunning creatures of the sea.

"Under the Sea 3D' is one of the best of the genre..." "This submarine wonder offers marvels in abundance"Joe Morganstern - Wall Street Journal

Deep Sea 3D

Directed by Howard Hall - Narrated by Johnny Depp

Deep Sea 3D, an underwater adventure from the award-winning filmmakers behind Under the Sea 3D and Into the Deep 3D, transports audiences below the ocean surface to swim with some of the planet's most unique, dangerous and colorful creatures. From the bizarre Rainbow Nudibranch to the giant Pacific Octopus, the ocean is teeming with inhabitants that depend on one another for survival. Moviegoers will discover these creates—some of the strangest and most exotic on the planet—and understand this inspiring underworld.

"A glorious example of educational entertainment at its best."Sheri Linden - The Hollywood Reporter

Galapagos in 3D

Directed by David Clark and Al Giddings - Narrated by Kenneth Branagh

Retrace Charles Darwin's historic and ground-breaking journey with a young marine biologist as she explores the biological diversity and unique geological history of the Galapagos archipelago. Journey beyond the world that Darwin visited over 175 years ago through the use of state-of-the-art technological equipment to witness the biodiversity and the process of evolution surrounding the isolated Galapagos islands. IMAX technology will send you plunging 3,000 feet underwater into underground lava tubes, soaring over the peaks of 5,000-foot volcanoes and bring you face-to-face with an abundance of marine life, including marine iguanas and the worlds largest shark, the whale shark.

"Shot as a regular movie, it would still have been a decent documentary. Shot as an IMAX film, it's touched by a magic wand."Mick Lasalle - San Francisco Chronicle

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