Retrieve venue facilities and make a booking Call flow

  • Retrieve the list of Venue facilities at a site


    Returns Venue facilities for a particular site. As this information won’t change often the client should cache the results for a period of time after the first call.

  • Retrieve available time slots for a venue facility


    Returns the available time slots.

  • Make a booking


    This step will create a booking.

  • Search for a booking


    Searches the completed bookings for matching venue bookings.

  • Get a specific booking


    Retrieves the specified booking.

  • Update a booking


    Updates the specified booking with the the specified request details.

  • Cancel a booking


    Cancels the specified completed booking.

Venue API Configuration Settings

Generally any changes made to the ini files will require IIS to be restarted before the changes take effect

File Name Section Name Setting Name Default Value Description
visWebLoader.ini DBLOADER LoadVenueFacility N Controls if webloader will load Venue Facility data from the Table Booking Service in to the VISTAIT database. Must be set to Y to use the Venue Facility API. When installing the Venue Facility API it will set the value to Y if it does not already existin the ini file
WSVistaWebClient.ini CACHING CacheMaxAge 10 Controls how long in minutes the Venue Facility data will be cached
WSVistaWebClient.ini SECURITY EnableAuthentication Y If enabled the profile making the request will need to provide a valid ConnectApiToken that has the required permissions to access the Venue Facility API
WSVistaWebClient.ini SECURITY AnonymousProfileName Public Controls which profile will be used if authentication is enabled and no ConnectApiToken is provided
WSVistaWebClient.ini SECURITY RequireHttpsConnections Y If enabled all requests must be made using a secure connection
WSVistaWebClient.ini SECURITY PublishServiceMetadata N Controls if the Swagger pages are accessible

Table Booking Service Settings

The URL to connect to the Table Booking service is constructed using the following configuration setting.

Database Table Setting Default Value
Vista IT tblConfigure CinemaServiceFrameworkSettings {"protocol":"http","port":"8080"}

Multiple cinemas Setup

The URL to connect to the Table Booking service uses the server name as defined in the Cinema table.

Database Table Column
Vista IT tblCinema Cinema_strServerName